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Caragh Pittam B.Sc.(Hons.), D.C, LRCC.
Founder and Director

Caragh graduated in 1983 from the AECC (Anglo European College of Chiropractic) in Bournemouth, Dorset after graduating from Southampton University in 1980 with a degree in Physiology and Biochemistry. Caragh uses soft tissue work and diversified chiropractic techniques to treat a range of spinal and joint problems.  

Caragh also uses SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique).

She treats all kinds of pain syndromes, especially difficult cases that have been resistant to other forms of therapies, or diagnosis, and treats not only the spine but all other joints, muscles, ligaments of the body and therefore helps many sporting and dance injuries.

Caragh treats children and adults alike and her oldest patient was 100 years old.  Caragh is a traditional chiropractor and only uses 'hands on treatment'.

All of our chiropractors are members of the British Chiropractic Association and are registered with the General Chiropractic Council.


“Caragh is very experienced and professional, but I knew, as soon as she laid her hands on me, that what makes her really good at her job, is the fact that she is honest and she genuinely cares. I trust her and would recommend her to anyone I love.” - A. Cooper.


"Having worked all weekend clearing a friend’s house, I made the mistake of lifting an old 28" TV from ground level across the sitting room. I only just managed to put it down without dropping it due to the searing pain across my lower back; I was unable to stand up again.

Painkillers, hot pads, scorching hot baths and Long John Silver crutches (minus the parrot) enabled me to totter around the house for 36 hours until I managed to get someone to drive me to see Caragh Pittam.

This is not the first time that Caragh has helped me but I was able to get dressed again without help, walk down the corridor at her premises and hand my crutches to her receptionist in wonder and triumph.

I am today, the next day, still naturally very sore and moving gently - certainly not lifting any TV's - but I am walking and driving myself. I imagine I will need one or two more treatments, but Caragh really is a mini miracle worker and I am deeply grateful to her." - Kim Dyas.


“I suffer from lower back problem/pain due to an injury 3 years ago. The pain comes and goes and I didn't really do anything about it except go to my GP who prescribed me pain killers.

On Sunday of this week the pain came back. It was so severe that I couldn't sit, sleep or move around... I decided to contact West London Chiropractic Clinic on Monday evening and they were able to see me straight away. I was treated by Caragh Pittam who I find very professional, very knowledgeable, very lovely and very kind. I must say that she is the best; I was able to move around again much more freely after my 2nd treatment. At the end of my third treatment I was so relieved because I was pain free. I have no hesitation in recommending Caragh to any person who has an issue with their back." - Jackie Kilsiriswadi.


"I'd been having problems with my knee for almost 5 years; I couldn't play football for more than 20 mins without having to stop. After just 3 sessions with Caragh I played a full game today without having any issues at all. Caragh's literally a chiropractic magician! Thanks, Albert" - Albert Oliver.


"I cannot recommend West London Chiropractic Clinics enough. I have visited the Stamford Brook Clinic on occasions following a gruelling sporting injury which resurfaced. Without too much detail, my back was giving way and I would suddenly fall to the floor in pain. Thankfully after two sessions with Caragh, this has been remedied and I’m up to full strength. I had always been very sceptical about chiropractors, wondering if they did actually make a difference. It does! The Stamford Brook clinic is also very welcoming. The session takes place in an old house with an open fire in the room. Comfortable, friendly and very professional healing. Thank you!" - James.


"I was in considerable pain and my daughter, who previously attended this practice, suggested i make an appointment with Caragh. From the outset I received a very friendly and professional service and would recommend this practice to all my friends and family." - Christina.


"A few years ago the pain in my coccyx was excruciating and impacted every area of my life. A colleague at work recommended Caragh and I am so pleased i took her advice because after several sessions the pain had subsided considerably. The long term results exceeded my expectations and for this reason I have and will continue to recommend Caragh to friends, colleagues and family." - Siobhan.


“I had an incredibly painful back for about six weeks. I would only have to move slightly in the wrong way and get a dose of searing pain. I had tried my GP and had been getting massages during that time but with little relief. Three sessions with Caragh and I am now pain free. I wish I had gone to her at the beginning.

 While the treatment itself was great, Caragh’s calm and interested approach really helped. It was a relief (literally!) to be treated like an adult and not a victim. I rate Caragh as an experienced and thorough professional and cannot recommend her highly enough.” - Paul Harding.


“ I have tremendous gratitude towards Caragh’s character. She is without a doubt an experienced professional, yet what sets her apart from others is her empathy and deeper understanding of her patients’ struggles. I have suffered from chronic migraines and TMJ since 2012. I have made countless visits in Harley Street and have seen a number of different specialists in three countries from conventional to integrated medicine.

In a single session, Caragh released tension and discomfort no other specialist ever thought of focusing on.  A truly delightful woman and a keeper! I could not recommend her more.” - Ewa Michno.





Chiswick and Hammersmith Chiropractic Clinic
3 Pleydell Avenue, Stamford Brook, Hammersmith, London, W6 0XX
Tel: 0208 741 3556

Ealing Chiropractic Clinic
63 The Grove, Ealing, London, W5 5LL
Tel: 0208 566 2223

Harley Street Chiropractic Clinic
The Harley Street Chiropractic Clinic at The Bowskill Clinic
4 Duke Street
London W1U 3EL

As from January 1st 2020, we have moved to:
Cavendish Osteopaths
45 Queen Anne Street
London W1G 9JF
(Just around the corner)
Tel: 0208 810 1715

Further details of the location of each clinic, including maps and local train/bus information can be found on our contact page.